Mississippi State Guard
Component of the Mississippi Military Department

Mississippi State Guard Units

 Chief of Staff: Douglas Hayhurst, Colonel (MS) MSSG
 Location: National Guard Armory
1420 Raymond Rd
Jackson, MS 39204
Drill Location:  National Guard Armory, Jackson, MS 

1st Security Brigade
 Commanding Officer: James Shows, Colonel (MS) MSSG
National Guard Armory, Jackson, MS
 110th Battalion
 Drill Location: Meridian, MS
 120th Battalion
 Drill Location: Thompson Field, Jackson, MS 

2nd Security Brigade
 Commanding Officer: Benjamin Inman, Colonel (MS), MSSG
 Location: Camp McCain
 210th  Battalion
 Drill Location: Corinth, MS
 220th Battalion
 Drill Location: Camp McCain

3rd Security Brigade
 Commanding Officer: Christopher Clements, Colonel (MS), MSSG
 Location: Camp Shelby
 310th Battalion
 Drill Location: Camp Shelby
 320th Battalion
 Drill Location: Camp Shelby