Mississippi State Guard
Mississippi State Guard
Component of the Mississippi Military Department
  • Persons with no prior military service receive basic military training in the wear and appearance of their uniform, military structure and ranking system, military chain of command, rendering proper honors and respect to those appointed over them, and other orientation to military life.

  • Mississippi State Guard personnel receive Branch and Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) training in the field of Military Police and other Branches / MOS as mission requires. MSSG trains to the same standards as regular National Guard personnel.  The majority of our soldiers are trained as Military Police even if their primary duty is another MOS, so that we stand ready to meet the needs of the MSARNG in an emergency.  Many of our soldiers are trained in multiple specialties.

  • Emergency Management is one of the main missions of the Mississippi State Guard. Because of this, all Mississippi State Guard personnel are required to complete a number of emergency management training courses offered by FEMA and are encouraged to qualify as MEMS. 

  • The mission of the SGAUS Military Emergency Management Specialist (MEMS) training program is to promote the advancement of knowledge and practice of emergency management and to prepare trainees to perform effectively in local, state and national emergency management, both in exercises and emergency mobilizations.