Mississippi State Guard
Component of the Mississippi Military Department

MS State Guard

General Officers' Club


The membership's goal is to insure Army values are maintained within the rank and file of the MSSG.  The members of the General Officers' Club are dedicated to preserving the traditions and intrinsic values of the Mississippi State Defense Force.

The Mississippi State Guard General Officers' Club is comprised of former MSSG General Officers whose experience is deemed invaluable to the State Of Mississippi.  Members may be called upon by the current commander where this pool of knowledge and experienced are required to enhance or further the mission of the State Guard.

Honoring the difference that these Generals made while serving the State of Mississippi as a member of the Mississippi State Guard.


Major General David Hughes McElreath

Brigadier General Jimmie L. Lindsey

Brigadier General Jimmy D. Shows

Brigadier General Hilliard Lackey (MS) (RET)

Major General William Lee

Major General Norman A. Higgins

Brigadier General Bobby Hutson

Major General Lynn McCoy

Major General Tom Logue

Brigadier General James T. Fail

Brigadier General John Fox