Mississippi State Guard
Component of the Mississippi Military Department

Commanding General:

Douglas Hayhurst, Brigadier General (MS) MSSG

State Command Sergeant Major:

Karl C. Rogers, Command Sergeant Major (MS) MSSG

Chief of Staff:

Christopher Clements, Colonel (MS) MSSG

Director of Personnel and Finance:

William Patrick, LTC (MS) MSSG


Judge Advocate:

Randall R. Saxton, Major (MS) MSSG


1st Brigade Commanding Officer:

James Matthews, Colonel (MS) MSSG

1st Brigade Command Sergeant Major:

Richard Nordan, Command Sergeant Major (MS) MSSG


2nd Brigade Commanding Officer:

Benjamin Inman, Colonel (MS) MSSG

2nd Brigade Command Sergeant Major:

Robert Minteer, Command Sergeant Major (MS) MSSG


3rd Brigade Commanding Officer:

Mark Eckman, LTC (MS) MSSG

3rd Brigade Command Sergeant Major:

Donald F. Wallis, Command Sergeant Major (MS) MSSG