Mississippi State Guard
Mississippi State Guard
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Benefits of the Mississippi State Guard


General military training:

Military training uses a variety of methods to enhance the learning experience and provide the right training at the right time to service members. Often, a blended-learning approach is used to provide students with the benefit of more than one mode of instruction, including on-line, classroom, and on-the-job field training. 

Advanced training in military police MOS (military occupational specialty):

You will be trained to provide a wide range of diverse support and challenged to adapt to any mission or environment. This training is designed to transform a civilian into a Soldier and to provide the necessary expertise needed to be a Military Police Soldier.

Incident Command System courses that are provided by FEMA:

All State Guard personnel are required to complete several Incident Command System courses that are provided by FEMA. These courses are all online and will prepare you as Guardsman to be able to work with MEMA and FEMA during a major emergency situation. 

Self defense and martial arts training:

Various martial arts for self defense are taught that will help you protect yourself in life-threatening situations. You will learn the basics, up to the more advanced types of striking and grappling that will enable you to incapacitate or disarm your enemy.

Free or low cost emergency medical, law enforcement, firefighting, and Hazardous Material  technician training, offered through state and private agencies:

Members of the MSSG have the opportunity to train with other agencies in the fields of emergency medical, law enforcement, and firefighting and often this training earns official state certifications that can be used to help start or enhance careers in those fields.

Substantial tuition discounts at Belhaven University:

Members of the MSSG are eligible for significant tuition discounts at Belhaven.

For more information about this great benefit, please contact Don Jones, Major (MS) MSSG at djones@belhaven.edu or call at 901-896-0184

Pride in serving something bigger than ourselves:

There is great pride and satisfaction in patriotic, honorable, and noble service.

Commissioned and non-commissioned officers receive advanced training in leadership:

Military leadership is based on a concept of duty, service, and self-sacrifice. Our obligation to subordinates is viewed as a moral responsibility, and defining leadership as placing subordinates needs before those of the leader.

Military camaraderie:

The friendships and personal relationships that you gain, through military service can be some of the most valuable benefits that you get from being a part of a military unit. You really do make friends for life.

Great enhancement on your resume:

State Guard training can be a true benefit for you personally and can be a great enhancement on your resume when looking for a new job. Most employers value military service and the training that military members receive. Being a Mississippi State Guardsman may the thing that gives you that competitive advantage over someone else when competing for a job.

SFC Tiffany McClure

SFC  McClure tried many times to join the active duty following high school.  However, after a car accident shortly after she graduated, she was met with challenges which prevented her from joining the military.  McClure joined the MSSG and has served the state of Mississippi for over six years as an MP.  She is currently the IET Commandant and Senior Instructor and is also the acting 1SG of 3rd Brigades Support Company.  SFC McClure is a School Resource Officer for a Primary School in Mississippi.