Mississippi State Guard
Mississippi State Guard
Component of the Mississippi Military Department

MS State Guard Troop ID Request


MS State ID cards are only issued for active and retired members of the MS State Guard. 

Please note the following procedures apply to an ID Card Request. 

  1. You place the order here and make your payment by the link below. Most often the PayPal receipt will show your name as the requestor. 
  2. This is a payment only for the ID Card not the actual request. The actual request is preformed by your Admin or S1. He or she will know how that process is done. 
  3. If you are qualified to receive an Official ID Card, once the request is completed along with a copy (screenshot or PDF) of the PayPal payment, the ID will be sent to where ever you and your S1 or Admin choose the ID to be sent. 
  4. All payments must be queued to a ID Request within 30 days. 
  5. Failure to not follow or the lack of understanding any of the steps of the above process will result in your payment as a Donation.